Playing the Bass, revisited

On monday evening after the photo shoot with Tom Beek I copied all the photo's to my MacBook Pro and two external harddrives. So there was much time to sort and process files, but the closeup shot of Udo Pannekeet playing the bass caught my eye and I did a quick crop of the black and white jpeg that came out of the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 (I shot everything on fine jpeg + RAW, Black and White preset with Red filter). So I posted that photo on the blog. But a day later I wasn't really satisfied with the result so I revisited the photo. Now I started with the RAW file. Did the same crop, opened it in Photoshop CS6 to remove the headphone cable and continued in Lightroom. I removed some noise, did some exposure adjustments and applied the VSCO Film pack preset Kodak Tri-X 400-. Also scaled the grain down to 20.

It resembles the great Fuji jpeg look but I like this a little better, and the photo benefits of the cable removal I think.