New York Sleeps

When I was in Dusseldorf last week I visited a large bookstore while it was raining and I browsed through their large selection of photobooks. When I opened this book it immediately caught me because of the familiar places as seen in TV-series and movies but complete void of any life or movement. It seemed to be a documentary of a post-apocalypse civilization with beautiful black and white photos. So I bought the book.

It's titled "New York Sleeps" and it's by the german photographer Christopher Thomas. He started the project with a few photos in 2001 and most of the photos in 2008 and 2009. The camera he used was a large-format Polaroid camera, and he shot many of these images in the early hours of the day or with long exposures.


The quality of the book is also outstanding with beautiful prints and heavy paper. See this link for more information: Amazon: New York Sleeps by Christopher Thomas