Tuffy - 1 year old

When Marit had her seventh birthday she got a little russian dwarf hamster that she gave the name Tuffy. She and Tuffy were best friends and she played with him every day for the past two years. But in the past months we sometimes told her that the life expectancy of this kind of hamster was 1.5 to 2 years so she was a little prepared. Her response was always that she was taking such good care of him that he would become the oldest hamster known to men.

Marit and Tuffy

Marit and Tuffy

Last week Tuffy was a little more nervous than before and sometimes running in circles and just looked old. So I talked with Marit about it and she also saw it and knew what was happening. But at the end of the week he was more his old self, very active, the whole evening he was climbing through his cage. But this Saturday morning early we were woken by a crying Marit... 

Tuffy  01/04/2011 - 01/03/2013

Tuffy, rest in peace and thanks for being such a great friend for my little girl.