Last year Ibarionex Perello published a book called “Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography with Available Light”, and as a regular listener of his “The Candid Frame” podcast (a great podcast, give it a try) I bought the book. It’s a great book, very inspirational and exactly my style of photography. So when he made a group on Flickr and asked his readers to post their work there I posted a few of my photos. From this group Ibarionex picks some photos which he then discusses in his new monthly “Chasing the Light” video podcast.

Much to my surprise I saw one of my portraits of Marit discussed in the “Light and the Portrait” episode and even more when a second portrait of mine was discussed.

Chasing the Light from Edwin van Nuil on Vimeo.

Vimeo: Chasing the Light

Here are the two photo’s that were discussed, both available light portraits of Marit.